Book, Book, Book!

I’ve spent last year teaching and coaching about 200 small and medium size business owners in East London. (Do say hello in the comments if you are one of them!) The single most frequent thing I heard? I know I should do my marketing strategy (or social media, or blog) properly, but I just hate it so much!

Now, I think I have an idea why that is.

We hate what we don’t really know

You don’t really hate marketing, you just don’t exactly know where to start. It seems like there is no point getting down to it without having millions to spend or having a team to execute. It is overwhelming how many platforms and possibilities are out there and it’s hard to pick.

We tend to think marketing is dark magic

Marketing and sales are both considered as dirty as glamorous. Understandably so, when for decades, both activities built on deception and ramming stuff down our throat. And understandably, given how many fancy perfume ads and supermodels and Samsung ads with tiny colourful balls we see.

There is very little practical advice out there

If you google marketing strategy there are two kinds of bad content you can find.

One is lofty, it focuses on theory and frameworks that are so complicated, you don’t even finish reading them. Even if the theory or framework is actually useful, it is hard to access and apply without having years of industry experience.

The second mixes up strategy with tactics and talks about how you should invest in 360-degree videos and switch from Facebook to Snapchat this year. The problem here is that it teaches business owners to try to find quick fixes and hope that the next sparkly tech platform will be the answer to all of their problems.

But good marketing is not about deception or how shiny a TV ad you can get. It isn’t about randomly choosing tactics and channels and hoping for the best. It is about selling to people who really want your stuff and reaching out to them in a way that resonates with their needs in the right moment. You don’t need a million pound budget or a masters degree in manipulation to figure those out. All you need is empathy and logic.

So I decided to take what I’ve learned over 11 years in the communication industry and turn it into a book. A series of workbooks to be precise that talk about marketing strategy, human behaviour, buying decisions and psychology in plain English. Books that give you precise steps and exercises. I’ll show you that good marketing is joyful – both to you working on it and to your customers on the receiving end.

The first workbook, Real Target Audiences, is set to launch in August. It is about how to figure out who your actual customer is, why is it important and how to apply this knowledge when making decisions about campaigns. It has a lot of case studies, exercises and step by step instructions. If you complete them, you’ve done the most important part of your marketing strategy, gaining a real advantage amongst your competitors.

Leave your e-mail address in the box below, and I’ll send you a preview with the launch news, as soon as it’s ready.