sugar free mojito

Let’s imagine that you are a bartender. The couple in front of you orders two mojitos, one without sugar. Rum, lime, water, syrup, no syrup, ready. How do you decide who to give the sugar free one?

Will you assume that the woman is watching her weight?

Will you assume she is watching her weight but consider it rude to make such an assumption, and put the one without syrup in front of the guy?

Would you just think that of course, he is a real man, no sugarcoating needed?

Would you ask maybe who wants which?

By the way, I ordered the one without sugar and it landed without question in front of my male company. (What can I say, I like my Mojito and lemonade less sweet.) It is interesting how mental images of gender and certain requirements attached to male and female roles effect simple little decisions like this.

Maybe Spain doesn’t really buy into the willowy slimness as ultimate female attribute of attractiveness. Maybe the male as a macho is such a strong mental connection that no matter how many girlfriends and sisters the waiter saw on diet, it’s evident that the guy will have the less sweet tooth in the end.

Or maybe I’m just overthinking this and he simply really didn’t care.


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