Ripples and Real Life Effects of Startup Hype, #1

It’s been on my to do list for some month now to translate an earlier trilogy of articles from Hungarian to English, and magic has finally started to happen. Published on Barcinno, you can find some ideas on how the startup craze effects real life and longer term thinking. Here is the first part:
Most trends and waves run the same course. A few crazy visionaries start it, followed by innovators and early adopters, and then the big ones eventually reach the tipping point, spilling over into mainstream consumerism. They become well known and available to the masses – think last autumn’s high street fast fashion punk inspiration overload – and in the same time somewhat less hip for those picking it up in the first place.
On the other hand, more time, practice and eyeballs also mean that we understand the trend much better, hopefully leading to more development and more successful outcomes. In the particular case of startup culture, we are currently somewhere nearing this tipping point. I mean my mum reads about Prezi and Ustream in the Hungarian Marie Claire, tech can hardly get much more mainstream than that.Read the rest of it here!

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