Fast Fun Facts – What has triggered the highest tweet per second to date?

Browsing through Internet Live Stats and it’s data on Twitter, I bumped into this curious fact. However the usual amount of tweets per second is around 6 000, the highest peak to date has seen 143,199 posts on the microblogging platform. And what did trigger it? Apparently, all the chit-chat on August 3, 2013 was around the TV airing of Hayao Miyazaki’s beautiful (and sometimes quite frankly frightening) Castle in The Sky animated movie in Japan. Quite a testimony of the wonderful animator’s pop culture icon status and the love of his work.

While we are here, a note on localisation: it’s not a coincidence that while the original title is Laputa: The Castle in The Sky, the name of the flying island was excluded for distribution in several countries, including the US, Spain and Mexico. La puta in Spanish slang means “the whore” and considered offensive for many. A good reminder for all of you considering international expansion to double-check what your brand name may mean in other languages.

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