I believe in making the most out of your birthdays. A wise older friend of mine once told me that this is the day – or in some lucky cases, and i plan this one to be a lucky occasion, the week – when you gather all the energy from family and friends, to keep you going in the next 364 days.

I also came to believe that setting future points of times when you start doing something is totally counter-productive. Whenever I set a laziness deadline and said ok, I give myself one month, I start next week, I will really get on with it after my birthday…well, in reality I only gave myself permission to do nothing. Which is, mind you, is necessary sometimes, but not a good permanent strategy.

So instead, I build tiny bucket lists. I plan the month leading to the 30th January and set objectives. I choose things that would make me happy if they were done by that date. Like this site. Like more writing. Maybe I’m not going to be completely ready but that’s okay: I worked  and made progress, learned new things and set foundations to keep on pursuing my projects further.

I feel especially content with my work this January. I planted seeds for many new activities and made some decisions towards a more balanced, self-confident self and integrity. Maybe I inspire you to do the same next time your birthday draws near and instead of feeling panicky, sad or too late, you take a deep breath and work out what are the things you could achieve by that date. Things that will make you feel proud and happy. Worth celebrating.

Happy Birthday!

happy birthday!

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