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currently working on

I am currently based in Lisbon as part of a sabbatical year. I’m focusing on turning my experience into a series of workbooks that help business owners create good marketing strategies quickly and not hate their lives while doing so.

past projects

GetSet for Growth

This role has been an absolutely fantastic learning opportunity, one to hone both people and professional skills, coaching over 200 small and medium size business owners and teaching over 180 hours within a year. As a marketing advisor, my responsibility was to run interactive workshops on all aspects of marketing, focusing o

n demystifying digital and providing a solid understanding of channels and tools available online. Meeting clients one-on-one I helped companies to develop a real marketing strategy, fine-tune messaging and pick the right channels to communicate on.

  • I developed 4 distinct set of 2 hour marketing workshop materials including narrative and slides. These have been adapted to be used in YTKO Group programs nationwide
  • I created a 6-week Marketing Strategy Course targeted to small business owners and entrepreneurs to walk them through all aspects of a sound strategy. Starting with a comprehensive target audience analysis and persona construction and ending with a primer on how to approach marketing for different available funding options, the course received great feedback, an average rating of 4.7 out of 5 and a 50% attendance rate even though the classes were free of charge.
  • I have contributed to reaching our targets with local PR efforts, boosting the GetSet Twitter account – resulting in a growth by 200% and a significant rise of new clients learning about the program through the internet.
  • During the 13 months of the project, I mentored, built relationships and taught in partnership with the University of East London, The Accelerator at Metropolitan University, WeWork or Mass Challenge.

YTKO Group is a successful, private sector business based in Cambridge. Working across the UK and abroad, we bring over 30 years’ private and public sector expertise in supporting new entrepreneurs, established businesses and corporates.Drungli


The adventure generator for spontaneous people. We set out to design and build a travel search experience – and the technology that makes it possible – that is truly centred around the user and the needs of a young, spontaneous and flexible generation and smuggle surprise and adventure back into travelling life.

drungliThe site gained amazing feedback from excited users forming into a loyal and active community and from design and UX communities. We have reached more than a million people all over Europe, had 50k unique visitors and 250k search queries per month. While ultimately we didn’t succeed in finding a sustainable business model, I’m proud of what we’ve built and ever grateful for the learnings and friends I’ve gained along the way.

roles: CEO, product and user experience development, communication management

Barcelona Startup Festival

A festival that celebrates the power of community and provides a platform for Barcelona startups to get together, enjoy the company of highly motivated peers, share experiences and start creating even more things together.

Barcelona-view1We believe that we make each other better when connected, through inspiration, support and shared knowledge.

roles: communication strategist, co-organiser

picture: Attribuzione some rights reserved by Oh-Barcelona.com 

Branding and pitch workshops

I’d like for you to have people who love and care for your product. Through interactive steps I lead and teach creative processes to:

  • branding workshopsdefine the core values of your organisation,
  • help to focus on a well-defined target audience,
  • create simple, clear and powerful messages,
  • and find the right tools to transmit that message.
  • Approximate course time is 4-5 hours

Communication strategy or pitch, I focus on the creation of an immediately actionable plan, designed for your actual product, market and audience.

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