Food Waste and Its Solutions

During the last few weeks I was working on a study on food waste, and how our attention started to shift to this problem.

In many aspects, the story of food waste is a story of success. Rich countries produce 3-4 times the food they actually need, which means feeding the world is a solvable problem. 
In many other aspects however, the situation is more than tragic: we waste 1.2 to 2 billion ton of food every year, produce most of our grains and many other grocery products for animal consumption and destroy rain forests and biodiversity to cultivate food we don’t even need really. 

But it’s up to us if the story becomes a tragedy or a comedy in the end: with surprisingly straightforward and common sense steps, a bit more of conscientiousness, information and better tech, we can solve this question and reduce hunger all over the world. 

You can read the full article accompanying the slides, and how a Barcelona startup aims to disrupt the current distribution system here on Barcinno.

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