hello! i’m Orsolya Tóth. i think about why people behave the way they do way too much.

I am a shape shifter and an adventurer: over the past 11 years I ‘ve held at least as many job titles – including the side hustles – lived in 5 different countries and helped to build countless businesses. I worked with mega brands like Peugeot and Johnson&Johnson, built my own tech startup reaching a million people around Europe and consulted  SMEs all across the spectrum. The common thread? My fierce curiosity about people.

I help companies understand how they can best define themselves while truly befriending their customers. Ultimately, I want you to build better products with real communication and thrive through it. To tell your whole tale and touch your audience’s heart.

This is my personal nook of the internet where I write random stuff I think or learn about, or advertising and strategy that really manages to annoy me. If you want practical marketing advice, you should click over here.

If you like looking at pictures or want to learn more about things I’ve done,  you can jump to the bio  here.

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Become Someone Who Can Deal With It

I’ve recently applied to a job opening at Unsettled – it sounded like a marvellous (and fun) opportunity to learn more about teaching and coaching people, part time, and I seem to still absolutely have the travel bug. They’ve asked three questions and applicants to pick one for the cover letter. I really wanted to […]

See the World & Work: How to Be Productive While Travelling

2017 has been a beautiful year for me so far regarding travel. In January, I got on a flight to Bangkok, for my first ever South East Asian adventure. I’ve spent a month gallivanting around Thailand, a little over three weeks exploring and falling in head over heels love with Laos, 2 weeks in Vietnam, […]

Book, Book, Book!

I’ve spent last year teaching and coaching about 200 small and medium size business owners in East London. (Do say hello in the comments if you are one of them!) The single most frequent thing I heard? I know I should do my marketing strategy (or social media, or blog) properly, but I just hate it […]

Ad Rants 1.

Ford’s Unlearn Everything The majority of times I encounter new adverts it’s in the cinema and I have to start by saying this new Ford image video is absolutely gorgeously shot. It piggybacks beautifully on the idea of unlearning behaviours, looking at the world with fresh eyes and an open mind – a sentiment that’s […]

The #futureofmarketing | Why Meaningful Branding Matters?

A few month earlier I ran a workshop for the Outbox Incubator, a very interesting initiative of Stemettes to attract more young girls to stick to STEM subjects and get interested in entrepreneurship as well. The particular challenge in putting my slides together laid in their age: how do you explain branding in the simplest […]